a fresh start

Wow I am finally here. Hello and welcome! This blog is a creative outlet for me to journal our adventure of building our dream home and a place to jot down life as it happens. My hope is that my family can stop by and visit freshwater farmhouse over the years and see the adventure put into words and pictures. I have already posted some of our happenings over the past few months on my facebook page. Our fresh vision was always simple; creating something special for our family of five that encompasses all the things we love. It ended up being a slice of the country where we can play with our animals, garden, swim, fish and enjoy all of nature’s splendor. Being outdoors is completely nostalgic for me.   It is a place that is powerful, restorative and just plain refreshing. I grew up in the country and this is where I hold on to my fondest memories, so that being said I am over the moon that this will be the life for my modern family.

This dream home is currently taking shape to be a house for so many things- family, friends, and community gatherings. My hubby and I see this home to be the perfect white shirt. One that you can take the look from day to night. Timeless, crisp, respectful, fresh and youthful. I am enjoying the design process. I am blessed to be working with an amazing architect and kitchen designer….because we all know where the hub of the home is! We are enjoying all the fresh thinking on our project. Its time to begin a new story-one filled with celebrations of the smallest kind. I love my God, I love my family and that is what will make this new house a home.

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