the best of summer

As summer deepens we are finding ourselves so relaxed.  Summer at home is just a wonderful time to be ad hoc and I take full advantage of it!  It might mean yummy pancakes with homemade whip cream and a mean egg scramble for dinner or maybe it’s a last-minute decision to go to the beach or have friends over for a pool date and whip up something fresh.  My girls love to take all our art supplies outside on a whim and let our driveway become the canvas. It could even be as simple as painting rocks.  It’s make and create around here and I personally love that I get to make up my day as it goes too.  Our summer is all about being fancy free.  We have had fun with dear friends doing ” summer family fun nights”, each of our families hosting a party each summer month.  This has been a wonderful treat so far to have eleven kids and all us adults together.  Last month it was a garden party theme-so cute!!  I hosted mine this month.  I did a taco bar followed by an ice cream sundae bar. I love these two families and it has been nothing short of a good time.  The kids are already excited for next month.

I have been kicking up my heels and spicing up our summer dinners in my own kitchen with some great new recipes I found on pinterest.  My girls love being in the kitchen, especially when it’s conjuring up something sweet and delectable.  Don’t you love that some things never change….. it’s always a fun battle between who gets to lick the spoon and who gets to lick the bowl!lickthebowl
Cooking in the summer with everything being fresh is the best.  We have a nice garden filled with our favorites and we don’t skip a week without a stop or two to the farmers market.  As a mom who values organic wholesome nutrition I love that my girls are passionate about food and have always enjoyed eating healthy.

Where to start with how the girls are doing hmmm well first up is sweet baby Lily….  pure joy!!   I can still say it’s a race everyday between Sophie and Hannah who will greet her first when they hear her babbling in the morning or after her naps, it’s quite precious really.  It’s almost been ten months and they have lost no enthusiasm whatsoever about their baby sister.  There is no shortage of love for her in our home!  She is a wonderful baby and everyone wants her company.  She finally got two bottom teeth and enjoys chewing on everything. Sophie who is seven is totally content being a mommy helper!  She is so responsible for handling all the care that goes into taking care of Lily it really makes my heart smile.  Sophie also started taking piano lessons about six months ago and we love listening to her play and tinker.  My Hannah most days can be found dressing up or creating something from scraps she finds around the house.  My girls love being outside and for some reason this summer have been fascinated by catching frogs in our koi pond.  Shortly after they wake up they are outside and up to something fun …another reason why I love summer and why it affirms our dream home will only expand those curiosities and adventures!  My girls truly are best friends and we delight in watching them play well together.  Can you tell I love having three girls….  I could go on and on about my loves and how much I love being a mom to them.  Most of all I am thankful for each day I get to be with them.

Summer fun has also included the girls learning to sew.  They have made beautiful embroidered tea towels and a quilt for their American girl dolls.  The sewing camp was beyond cute…think of a charming cape cod home complete with an art studio with renderings of all kinds to inspire the bursting creativity of a handful of eager crafty girls. On the front porch are some ice cream parlor chairs surrounding a vintage iron table and a porch swing…so inviting & full of whimsy girly charm!- my girls ate it up.  I was so grateful this talented momma shared her passion this summer with her first time sewing camp.  Sophie and Hannah really enjoyed this experience so much in fact I foresee a sewing machine in my near future.  I am actually thinking a great time for this nuance will be this fall/winter.  They had another great year at vacation bible school. We frequently have jam out sessions to the vbs cd in the car.  Besides that we have had the pleasure of my eight year old niece’s company for the past week.  She flew all the way from Texas to come stay with us.  The girls are excited to attend springhill camp with their cousin this week.  This will be a first for my girls and I am hoping it is as impactful of an experience as vbs.   At the end of week we are looking forward to the water show performance Sophie and Hannah have been practicing for over the past few weeks at our country club.  I will post some pics on my fb page after the performance.  It is quite the spectacle!

Daddy and I are excited about heading to the windy city to meet with our architect and our kitchen designer at de giulio.  I can’t believe our home drawings are going into CAD!  After reviewing the plans we will be spending most of the day in the mart looking at materials-yay!  I am thrilled Kathy has our style and our personalities pinned so she can show us things she knows we will like…because it is a pretty overwhelming place!  We will round out our trip in the windy city with some shopping and dining.  I must say  that I do appreciate that my hubby likes to shop in fact he is my favorite shopping partner! Looking forward to discovering new things and another layer of the design process.

Lastly,  I read the best book this summer given to me by my best friend titled “one thousand gifts” by Ann Voscamp.  You can visit her blog  It is wonderful.   I cannot say enough about this beautiful book.  I bought a few copies and have gifted them to people who were put on my heart.  It is one of the best picture word books.  It is a compelling story basically about:  How do you discover joy-right here and now?  Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings and embark on the transformative spiritual discipline of God’s gifts.  It’s about joy and what that means and how to get it how to be fully alive….who does not want that?  She challenges you to look at joy being a matter of gratitude, and gratitude a matter of perspective, so giving thanks changes not only your perspective but also changes your life.  I am working really hard putting this into practice.  It does open your eyes to ordinary amazing grace and a way of being present to God that makes you deep down to your core happy.  I found this book profound because even in the midst of ordinary, mundane life or even smack in the middle of hardship you can discover joy…..SO to keep this practice in motion and archived I am going to chronicle and dedicate my own one thousand gifts in my next post.  It will be an ongoing place to jot and jog down these blessings and a wonderful place to revisit.  I am looking forward to it.

Summer is a season we all love.  When I spend time with my beloveds I am reminded what is good for my soul and what is heartful and real and all those fierce little knots come undone.  I love my family and I am thankful for good friends,  gooey s’mores, water balloon fights, monster sand castles, bed head & sun-kissed faces…celebrate the season and just have fun.  After all, that’s what summer’s all about.

enjoy your summer sweetness!!


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