a letter to hannah

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dear hannah,

you are six years old, how can that be?  you’re a big sister too, wow the power of three!  you choose to make the day brighter you leave a little sparkle.  It starts with the way you smile, your hugs and kisses. maybe it’s the way you fill a room when you sing a tune.  Can I join?… dig in and have fun?   I know we will be off to make believe a land of enchantment an exciting place to be. I am thankful to be in the moment with you, because that is what matters most.  Your joyful and eager and easy to please… I love you little girl I hope you can see!   Your heart speaks of love, kindness and silliness the possibilities are endless keep going, keep reaching. Continue the way you twinkle and sparkle because it is part of your charm, your spirit and laughter. we cherish you dear hannah we know you give your best. which leads me to saying I love that you have gusto!   It makes you adventuresome, brave, and tenacious at heart. Look at all you have tried, accomplished and done. we are so proud of you hannah, keep going the show must go on!   When I look into your heart I see endless possibilities, because it is filled with all the right stuff.  Keep growing into it and you will see  ….you are fearfully and wonderfully made. iloveyouwordsblog

I want you to know how much I delight in being your mom.   It’s a gift everyday to lovingly guide you on your way. I enjoy that we share a passion for horses, nature and good food and your fashionista sense is really spot on.  I like that you notice the details in life and always can count on you to have something pleasant to say.  Now that your six and growing up fast just a few more things I want to add:   please don’t stop grabbing my hand, cuddle with me, stop making those little humming sounds when you eat (you have been doing this since you were a baby), chew on your clothes even though it drives me crazy, crawl up into my lap, lose your baby voice…it’s disappearing oh no! I admire the way you choose to live in the sunshine:) you teach me about the moment, be happy, let go!   I have six birthday wishes for you that are prayerful and heartfelt…..keep wishing, keep dreaming, keep close to what is true and always know my love is just for the only one of a kind… YOU!

six birthday wishes for my sweet Hannah to know….1. God loves you and is always with you 2. you are unique and creative 3. keep the silly  4.  stay thankful and joyful 5. keep following your rainbow 6. believe in yourself, because you are SO loved.

make a wish my twirly girl, and I hope it comes true! I love you! xoxo



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