a letter to lily


sister love

dear lily love,
a whole year has passed and you are one years old now. you came into this world on a lovely september evening and my heart just grew. the feeling of love washing over me, it was overwhelming and beautiful. I believe more than anything in God’s divine purpose and timing. I know that you are part of His perfect plan. You were an angel sent to me before you were even born.  (nine months pregnant…seaisland resort mommy and daddy getaway before meeting our new princess!)seaislandpregnantblog you stand for everything that is made new through the love of Christ.( 2 Corinthians 5 :17) you are such a easy, loveable baby and you have grown the love, grace, truth and forgiveness in our family….that gift is immeasurable.  we are stronger because of the love that came with you.
you have the most amazing doting father who disappears with you quite frequently…. because EVERYONE wants to hold baby lily:), especially a baby that rarely cries.I often can find you in your daddy’s arms in a quiet place or rocking you in your room. daddy loves everything about being a dad and you get so much time with him, it’s wonderful. daddylilhospital

sophie and hannah adore you to the moon and back. (first visit up to the hospital to meet you) they are completely smitten!thegirlswithlilyhospital the girls love to love on you and want every mommy job they can get, so precious. they have been the most loving, helpful sisters. they tell everyone about you, write about you in their journal or schoolwork, their whole day revolves around what lily is up to. they will always be there for you, forever loving you and protecting you the way big sisters should.thegirlswithbabylilyfirstdayhome
For me, everything from your first smile to your first giggle and everything in between has been exciting but the way you look at me because I am mom is the most special feeling in the world, and I am so thankful for that each and every day. celebratethelittlethings
your a busy girl now, so everyone has to try to keep up with you and strive for your attention, because your so busy exploring! you are a sweet, sweet baby and I look forward to all the adventures to be had. this year has been a wonderful one. happy first birthday lily mae! my birthday wish for you that is heartfelt and prayerful is simply for you to know how much you are loved. thank you for reminding us we can always LOVE more. I love you sweet girl, thank you for making life more beautiful.DSC_0864proof

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